Webmail Server


AA Mail Server  v.5.0

AA Mail Server, from www.aamailsoft.com, is mail server sofware with dedicated database based on Windows mail server. It helps small and medium-sized companies (1~20000 accounts) to build their own webmail server and mail system easily.

Personal Python Webmail  v.

This is a webmail server intended for personal use (though of course, commercial use is not forbidden, it's just not my focus with this project) using secure http.


POP3 Webmail ASP  v.2 3

Send and receive email from any computer on the web. Install webmail on your server or upload it to your ASP web-hosting account. Retrieve and read the messages from your POP3 server, including those in HTML format.

AXIGEN Mail Server Office Edition  v.7.1.3

Email messaging can be rendered quick and easy! Using our free mail server, AXIGEN Office Edition, your communication needs are fully covered at no costs! AXIGEN Mail Server Office Edition is a FREE, reliable messaging solution intended for home

Merak Mail Server

Merak Mail Server provides unlimited accounts and domains for one price, which will save you costs as your needs grow. At anytime you can decide to add new features and your data and settings will be preserved. Merak contains Integrated Antispam,

Merak Mail Server Suite  v.8. 3. 2000

Multiple awards winner mail server with ultimate features, complete security and guaranteed stability. Provides a wide range of optional components and services including secured mail services with multiple domain support(SMTP, POP3, IMAP),

VPOP3  v.4.0.0e

This Email server for Windows supports the POP3, SMTP and LDAP protocols as well as having a built-in WebMail service. VPOP3 can collect mail from several ISPs using POP3 catchall or single user accounts, SMTP or ODMR,

MailScan for MDaemon

MailScan for MDaemon is a proven antivirus solution designed to protect against email viruses and block spam. Situated directly on the MDaemon email server, rather than dispersed on each client computer, MailScan proactively secures the network by banning


DNS2Go allows you to name your space. It's the perfect service for those seeking to leverage the true potential of their computer and Internet connection. Host your own website. Host an FTP server so that you can exchange files with family and friends.

IceWarp Notifier  v.1 42

IceWarp Notifier makes WebClient the default email client in Windows, evoking IceWarp Webmail whenever a hyperlinked email address is clicked.

VisNetic AntiVirus for Workstations  v.4. 5. 2000

VisNetic AntiVirus for Workstations provides reliable virus protection to your computer, whether the threat arrives via email, web, or other delivery methods. Comes complete with scanner and an automated update scheduler. Coupled with the Server or

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